Superior Lapidary

How to make a ball

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New addition to the tool stable. An old lathe

(1946 South Bend 9", Model A)

for manufacturing grinding/polishing cups!

How to create a sphere

1- Find a suitable rock.

2 - Use saw to create rough pre-form.

​      I use a device that allows for even, indexed cuts which helps in the initial shaping.

3 - Take the polygonal shaped rock and run it on a grinding wheel to knock down the high spots.

     (The more time you take here makes for quicker rounding.)

4 - A pipe fitting (1" - 1-1/2" bell fitting shown) with diamond embedded brazing rod applied makes the initial round pre-form.

5 - Diamond pads glued to pipe fittings are used in the polishing of the sphere.

     These diamond pads are available from 30 grit to 10,000 grit (buff). This set I built myself.

​6 - Display your spheres!