2009 - Purchased a rock collection at auction. Again, sold it to recover space in my garage

2006 - Purchased a collection of lapidary tools and 1,000 pounds of rough. Had no idea what I had and eventually sold it to make room in my garage.‚Äč

To find an artifact or a treasured gem, mineral or rock to bring to the shop and then to complete it by turning it into a wearable piece of jewelry will always be satisfying. 



my story

2016 - 1st Show! - After too much procrastination we finally became official, part time dealers. Set up at the Moose Lake Agate Days show.

2014 - SPHERE MACHINE - had purchased this earlier and was able to get it turning rocks into spheres. 

2012 - Gained enough courage to finally fire up the saw and grinder. Now I can't find enough time to work with them.

A copper chisel chip found in the Keweena Peninsula of Michigan, 2014

Double Terminated Crystal given to me by one of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Roadies! You never know when a gem will land in your hand!

Superior Lapidary

2011 - Purchased a 12" Lortone saw and a Lortone Beaver 6-wheel lapidary grinder.

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