Superior to Mazon Creek - BUST!

Late May, 2015 I was fortunate in that a work trip took me to Chicago. Pre-trip I inquired on-line looking for possible rock hounding sites.

A few people recommended going to the Mazon Creek area to search for fossils. Since I was not familiar with fossils from this local I did some Internet searching.

With most people being somewhat secretive with their collecting sites my wife and I went there without any good collecting direction.

While we talked to a few locals that were aware of the fossils, none seemed to be collectors or knew of any locations they could direct us to.

But off we went with a description of a boat landing in a state park and a long walk in an unknown direction.

What we found on-line was often repeated information: No digging of any type allowed in the State park area. But surface collecting was OK with each person taking up to a 5-gallon bucket of nodules each day.

Found the boat landing but everyone there was intent on fishing on the beautiful Memorial Weekend. so we walked down the only allowable trail from there and found what looked like a few nodules in the roadway. (I would not travel again to search for fossils on the trail. But it was a nice walk.)